Looking forward to spring 2023 & beyond: 

Tuesday, February 28th - Wednesday, March 1st, 2023: Director Summit & Intermediate Aid Workshop (Cape Fear Community College)

Tuesday, April 4 - Wednesday, April 5, 2023: Spring 2023 Virtual Conference 

Monday, April 8 - Wednesday, April 10, 2024: Spring 2024 Conference (Wrightsville Beach, Lumina (Holiday Inn Resort)) 



Most Recent Fall 2022 NCASFAA Conference Information: 
NCASFAA 2022 Fall Conference Program

NCASFAA 2022 Fall Conference Presentations:

 Intro to SQL

Effectively Articulating the Roles and Requirements of Financial Aid and Its Value on Campus

Adds, Drops, and Withdrawals

FAFSA Simplification

The Great Resignation and Silent Quitting

Financial Aid + Enrollment Management

PowerFAIDS - Tips and Tricks

Communicating Affordability to Prospective Students

State Grants Update

Supporting Adult Learners

 NSLDS - *Loans *Grant *Enrollment

Campus Collaboration

Top 10 Compliance Concerns

Verification Melt


New Aid Officers' Workshop Presentations:

A Few Things Every FA  Administrator Should Know


 Fall Charity Donation

Fall Charity Donation - 10 Fold for the Bill Fold