As part of a NCASFAA/NCSEAA venture to assist North Carolina's High School Guidance Counselors, we offer the following resources:


2012-13 Financial Aid Information Survey - This contains a listing of all North Carolina Colleges and Universities with important useful information such as school codes, financial aid application deadlines, etc.

(Note to Colleges: If any data listed on the "Financial Aid Information Survey" needs to be updated for your college, please contact Tonja Suttles, State and High School Relations Committee Chair, via email at

Presentations - 2015

High School Presentation without FAFSA – A Financial Aid Presentation (NCASFAA/NCSEAA) done in Microsoft PowerPoint that does not include a copy of the FAFSA for the upcoming year.

High School Night Script – A Financial Aid Night script (docx) for the upcoming year.

If you have questions about these handouts, you may contact:

Shawn D. Henderson, Program Manager
Grants, Training and Outreach
NC State Education Assistance Authority
Research Triangle Park, NC
(919) 248-4674

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