As part of a NCASFAA/NCSEAA venture to assist North Carolina's High School Guidance Counselors, we offer the following resources:


FAFSA completion services for school counselors, students and parents

Register to attend 2016-17 FAFSA training
Attend Mapping Your Future's 2016-17 FAFSA training for financial aid professionals and others helping students complete the FAFSA. Jennifer Martin, Director of Financial Aid Compliance at Johns Hopkins University, will be presenting. She will guide the attendees through the FAFSA, providing special emphasis on the changes from prior years.

This webinar will be offered on three dates, December 15 and January 20, both at 2 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Central, 12 p.m. Mountain, and 11 a.m. Pacific. The January 14 session will be at 11 a.m. Eastern, 10 a.m. Central, 9 a.m. Mountain, and 8 a.m. Pacific.

Click on "Show in My Time Zone" at the top of the registration page. Visit if you are unsure of your time zone.

We will use GoToWebinar for this training, which can be accessed from any computer. Please check with your technical staff if you are unsure if your network will allow you to access GoToWebinar.

If others in your office would like to also view the webinar, please share the same computer and phone connection and only have one staff member register. One log in cannot be used multiple times.

For Students and Parents:
A free FAFSA completion webinar designed for those who are completing the FAFSA for the first time.

Presentations - 2016

Citizenship Guide (docx)

2016-2017 Financial Aid Presentation (pptx)

Undocumented Students and Financial Aid (pdf)

Parents included on FAFSA (docx)

Data provided on FAFSA (pdf)

Presentations - 2015

College Access Presentation – A presentation with the emphasis on financial aid and how it can lead to college access.

High School Presentation without FAFSA – A Financial Aid Presentation (NCASFAA/NCSEAA) done in Microsoft PowerPoint that does not include a copy of the FAFSA for the upcoming year.

High School Night Script – A Financial Aid Night script (docx) for the upcoming year.

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